Hi, I am Joe.

I carry a camera with me. Sometimes I take pictures with said camera(s). Often, other people even pay me to do this. Even though I’ve been doing this photography/photojournalism job thing at least part-time for about ten years, I’m still a little surprised that I get to be a part of other peoples’ lives, up close with a camera, and scrape out a living.

I was born in Chicago. Spent my formative years in a small logging and fishing town near the coast of Washington state. Went to college in Seattle and have been living there most of the time since then.

Things I like: reading, running, cooking, baseball, yelling at the t.v. (mostly in regards to the previous item) my girlfriend wife and my dog.

Things I don’t like: washing dishes, really hot weather and my dog when she takes possession of one of my books (it’s not like she’s going to read them…).

Legal mumbo jumbo: The opinions and views expressed in this weblog, The Joe Nicholson Photography blog, are solely those of Joe Nicholson and are not those of the Associated Press, Associated Press member clients, U.S. Presswire, or any other client of Joe Nicholson.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Joe. Like your work. I found your shot of TPC @ Showbox with a Google search and used it for a review we just published. We credited you and linked to your blog, but I’m happy to take it down if you prefer. Drop me a line – I’d love to see if you can cover some shows for us in the future!

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